New issue online now! Spring Issue: Akron Family

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For Issue #10 Alphabet Pony is welcoming the warmer weather with our Spring Issue!

Akron Family joins us for a chat in our cover story, and we find out why they are shining brighter than ever before – with a little irony thrown in for good measure. Geeks rule this month in design, with an Apple special including the best in Apple related design and a piece on why Steve Jobs is such a genius. For those who crave controversy, we’re looking at whether Gaga is a big fat copycat in our opinion piece this month, and on the topic of music also bring you a Quick 10 with Little Barrie, one of our favourite bands right now.

Also this month, we take you transitional in our fashion spread, show you how to spoil the man in your life post-Father’s Day, and take you to the best events happening in September. And make sure you check out our Table and Screen sections for a guest recipe from Leader Cheetah and to find out what’s new in film this month!

Get ready for your warmer weather themed Spring issue! Just click on the cover below to read this month’s issue – and as always let us know what you think! Enjoy…

From the Alphabet Pony Team x

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