Being Normal Isn’t So Bad!

Day 17 of me being a normal person: it’s going well. Better than I expected, actually. The cameras I’m already used to, and the format of the show means they have to be hidden anyway. When I was contacted to be on ‘Undercover Celebrity’, I wasn’t sure at first. Light plastic surgery, followed by having to work a normal job and make normal friends in a normal apartment, for eight normal weeks?? It all sounded so…normal.

But you know, it’s been really quite freeing. Not that I got no satisfaction out of acting in blockbusters and being adored by all, but just working as a normal barista for eight hours a day comes with its own sense of pride and accomplishment. My co-workers are normal, but also great. And I can pick my own hair salon! In Melbourne they’re everywhere, and I never even knew. Mostly I just got cheuffered to my trusted and extremely exclusive barbershop, and just kinda assumed that people either did that or cut their own hair at home. But nope. People don’t even recognise me on the street- which is actually pretty refreshing- so I can just go anywhere I like without being mobbed. I’d walked past so many hair salons, and the other day I just felt like I needed a chop, so I walked in. Half an hour of snipping and polite conversation later I walked out, pretty pleased with my cut and even more shocked at how cheap it was. EVERYTHING is cheap. Public transport is like…tapping in and out with dirt. Fruit and vegetables still taste great when they’re not shipped in express from Aruba. And the hair salons open in South Melbourne where I’m staying are just so plentiful and nice. I’m not giving up my old lifestyle, but I’m also not craving it. Without the cameras and secret interviews, I might even make this a regular, yearly thing. It makes for a great holiday.

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