Can’t Wait to Hammer Those Nails

Jumping from renting to buying is very slightly daunting. I don’t mind admitting that much! I’ve had such a lovely experience with my three rental houses, as well! In the first, I lived with my sister. We were both very busy, so we never got in each other’s ways. And yet, we still found time for fun stuff; movie nights, and the like. Then I moved in with some friends, and a family friend owned the place so he was super chilled about rent. And then after that it was just me. No unwashed dishes, no clothes left on the floor, bathroom all to myself…it was great.

Fortunately I’m in a better financial position than most to be doing this kind of thing. I’ve actually been looking for a Melbourne buyers advocate to walk me through the process, because I’m flying solo here and I don’t want to do the wrong thing. This isn’t like a rental, where you can move in and be out in a year (or six months!) without a fuss. Well…there are still a lot of forms to sign. Last time I had to sign every single page of a 27-page document, which took me a good ten minutes. Ten awkward minutes of sitting in silence, signing the same thing. The estate agents must be used to it, though.

So I’m guessing if I go and buy a home, I can expect a lot more of the same. Maybe it’ll be a fifty page document…but maybe not, because all of the house will be mine. No clauses about not replacing light bulbs or asking permission for bringing pets into the house, or hammering nails into the wall. My buyers advocate will find me a place, I’ll look over it, it’ll be wonderful and then I can hammer in as many nails as I like. Hang as many pictures as I please.

At least, I think that’s how property advocates in Melbourne work…I’m about to do my research on the matter. And a LOT of other matters.



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