Enjoy the Car

Well, I have the place to myself again. Twice in two weeks? Something is seriously up here. Maybe one day they’ll all just leave for good, move to a farm in the outback and leave me to look after the place totally by myself. It’s not like anyone would really notice if they let me behind…

Not gonna lie though, I wouldn’t say no to that. They’re all at some car festival in Bendigo, because Cousin Nermal is running one of the stalls. Something about utes…I don’t know. He knows all the garages open for car servicing near Bendigo and he’s always talking about his awesome car connections whenever he’s here for family events. Which is a lot. Uncle Nermal has always treated me like I don’t exist, probably because he has this weird sixth sense that allows him to mentally ascertain whether people have an interest in cars. No kidding; I’ve seen it at work. He zeroes in on the brothers that like cars and ignores the ones who don’t, like clockwork. Or magic.

So now they’re all there, probably having their ears talked off by his 1001 car achievements, and how many top-rated car servicing people he knows, and how he basically built Bendigo’s car industry from the ground up. Actually…as much as I’m totally okay with not being there, I do have a bit of pity for my family in this case. Uncle/Cousin Nermal is sort of the dreaded one at family gatherings, especially with how he just doesn’t understand that he needs to stop talking and let other people have a chance. Plus…no one is as interested in cars as he is. No one. The car mechanics open for appointments in Bendigo aren’t as into cars as Uncle Nermal. Because they understand that, while cars are great, there’s more to life.

Anyway, hope they’re enjoying that. I’m reading a book. It’s great.

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