Hiking-Friendly Hairdo

I’m going overseas tomorrow – hiking for three weeks in the Himalayas, if you want to know – and it’s just occurred to me that my long hair is going to be a huge pain in the behind. I could just shave it all off, I suppose. I’ve done it before and it wouldn’t out of place with the expat/backpacker brigade I’ll no doubt end up hanging out with. The problem is that I’ll be flying home via my mother’s wedding in Dubai, and she’s made me promise not to be too out-there with whatever look I choose to rock up with. I agreed because it seemed easier than arguing the point.

Point is, I really need to get to a hair salon in the Melbourne CBD, and fast. Ideally, it’ll be somewhere that can give me a low-maintenance, short haircut that will look class enough to appease my mother. What form such a cut could might take, I don’t know, which is precisely why I need a great hairdresser to put their professional two cents in. Hit me with that measured advice and styling guidance! I’m all ears (or I will be, after my haircut).

Come to think of it, it would be good to grab some hair care products to go. Note to self: remember to decant them into those little customs-friendly bottles. Lately, I’ve been using a pretty nice shampoo and conditioner by Aveda. Hair salons that stock this stuff: show yourselves. Even with short hair, I’m still going to want some decent products for the wedding – either that or risk sporting a bizarre frizz bomb from some terrible 2-in-1 product that came free with my hotel room.

If I’m going to be bothering to go to a proper salon, perhaps I’ll go the whole hog and get a colour job into the bargain. I wonder if any salons around here work with naturally-derived hair dyes? Some kind of creative full-head colour would be a nice touch… something that will work as well at my mother’s wedding as it while while I’m sweatily struggling up a mountain.

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