How can I resist you, Agnetha?

It’s been at least twenty years since I last visited Brighton. Vet clinics these days are a lot different to how they were back then. I feel like people today have a lot more  general respect for animals. If you just take a look at how people view the whole ‘pets in pet stores’ issue, you can see there is a whole new realm of realisation going on.

I’ve come to Brighton to pick up Agnetha, my darling Russian Blue, who I recently purchased from a registered breeder in the area. I adore cats and this breed is by far my favourite. They have such a wonderful temperament and are great around children. It is the most excited I’ve been since I was a child, sitting in the passenger seat of our Gemini, on the way to pick up our brand new jack russell foxy cross pup. Back then there were zero conversations about the best vet in Bayside to have your pet desexed. It’s funny, all those feelings of nervousness and excitement have come flooding back. I loved animals, always throughout my childhood I felt red hot rage at the indignity of being denied a cat. We were a dog family, I was told… but how could that be when I knew how wonderful it might be to have a cat companion?

I was never sure I could really look after an animal well enough, but then I realised I was mostly worried because I desperately wanted the animal to be happy, I decided not to put it off any longer. I called about Agnetha as soon as I saw her picture, she was a tiny blue face in a tangle of siblings, and my heart just opened up. I knew she was to be mine, and now we are together. Save for a few uncomfortable moments with the vet, Agnetha and I are going to have a wonderful life together. Warm in my lap, I know she agrees.

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