I Am a Proto-Human, Probably

I know it sounds crazy, but…I really like sleeping in the heat. Maybe my body temperature is slightly lower than everyone else’s, who knows? I just know that right now, with the daily average below 20, I have trouble sleeping. Once the nights heat up, the humidity goes through the roof and most people start tossing and turning, I sleep like an infant. I’m the opposite of most folks.

And look, during the day I’m just like the rest of you mortals. In the summer I dash from one air conditioned building to another just trying to keep cool. I really do appreciate Sydney’s air conditioning services, and how it’s practically ubiquitous come the summer. And during the day I’ll be smashing down the refrigerated watermelon with the rest of them. Come the night? I just sleep like a baby.

Honestly, I should go and get it checked out, because I could be a new and interesting specimen. Like some kind of proto-human whose body temperature stays the same at night. Because it’s not supposed to work like that; you get cooler at night, hence why people sleep under covers. There’s a bit of sleep science for you, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. My body remains at a constant amount of degrees, which makes sleeping in the summer easy, but sleeping in the winter harder. Maybe I just need to get a really thick blanket in the winter, to make up for the discrepancy. Or, like…a less thick blanket? Hang on…yeah, a less thick one.

At least I’m not in need of nightly air conditioning. Sydney can be cool during the day, and that’s by far enough for me. I do need to look into this science business though. I quite like the idea of being a new stage of humanity who doesn’t need as much blanket thickness as usual.


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