In a tizzy over landscaping

I am not a happy camper as of late. I’ve been working out in the garden all afternoon and am now feeling rather unwell. It was frightfully warm outside, it’s as if the sun was bearing down upon me alone. Now I’m extremely sunburnt and feeling ill from overexposure to the sun. I went inside to try and cool off but it appears that the air conditioner has ceased to function.

A quick look online has revealed that I am suffering from what is commonly known as heat stroke. I desperately need the house to be cooler than it is right now. I feel most unwell, even after a long cold bath my skin feels far too warm. I spend far too long in the sun admiring the new driveway after the recent concrete resurfacing. Melbourne North has been strangely warm for March, one can only conclude that global warming is the cause.

The reason I was so determined to work in the garden on such a humid day is because I need to get the garden ready for my great aunt’s birthday which is only a few short weeks away. I fear I won’t be able to get the garden landscaped in time. After all the money I spend on the fantastic concrete resurfacing, the empty garden is going to let me down.

I am very concerned about the loss of work time due to this setback. The relatives are counting on me to have the garden prepared for the upcoming festivities. I have my fingers crossed that there isn’t anything more wrong with my me. Relatives have tried to sabotage my effort in the past, well they can think again.

Mark my words, I will be back on my feet in no time. As for the garden, well there is nothing to do but call for reinforcements. As much as it pains me to admit I require assistance. To see the work is completed on schedule, I will be bringing in professionals to help with the landscaping in Essendon.

The landscapers have never let me down in the past. They are responsible for the majestic garden that is currently in need of tending at my domicile. My award winning garden is the my pride and joy. I have let my beauty wither over winter. My bad back has prevented me from pruning and primping my lovely roses, insects have ravaged their once beautiful foliage. I shall begrudgingly relinquish control to the landscapers. I know in my heart that it is more noble to accept assistance than to suffer and fail. My only fear is that my beloved relatives will look down upon me for not completing this task on my own merits.

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