The incredible timber retaining walls

I have some great news to share. As I’ve said before, I’m back living at home with my parents after my wife decided she needed some time apart. The great news isn’t related to that, she still will not return my calls but I am hopeful. We have a wonderful guest staying at the house this week, a friend of my parents by the name of Madden. Wonderful name if I do say so myself. He is from overseas. He pronounces words differently to how I’ve been taught to say them. He does have a strong accent that is hard to understand sometimes but I like it. He puts emphasis on the second syllable a lot of times when he shouldn’t. He is a fascinating guy, and is helping us to organise the garden landscaping for the backyard. I think it’s his way of thanking my parents for giving him a place to stay while he’s in the country. He is quite the artist and has a real eye for landscape garden design. My father was blown away by his sketches of the timber retaining walls, Melbourne North has never seen anything like this. They’re curves in such a unique way, and the paint colours are inspired.

He is a regular green thumb, the guy frequents plant nurseries all the time. He is a great man and I’m happy to report that I am fast becoming best friends with him. I don’t think it’s weird for grown men to get best friends in their later years.

Now that the design is finished, in a few days we’ll be starting the landscape gardening. Melbourne North has been really hot lately so I hope it cools down for planting day. The gardening crew will be here for three days because the project is fairly massive. It’s exciting in a way, to watch as the backyard transforms into something amazing. I’m going to do my best to be helpful during the planting. I don’t know where I would be without the support of my parents.

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