Who’s That Pony?

The Alphabet Pony is a strange specimen with a passion for the written word. A software engineer by day, she loves nothing more than getting carried away on the pounding hooves of the Latin alphabet by night. She doesn’t give a toss where she ends up, and rightly so – why hem in the wild nature of words? Her goal is simply this: to let those beautiful creatures run free, direct from her fingertips to you, for purposes of intrepid adventure across the sweeping plains of the mind.

In other words, this blog is an extended exercise in stream-of-consciousness journalling, penned largely by said Pony with occasional guest contributions from her equine friends. If that piques your interest, you’re invited to dip into the bubbling brook of The Alphabet Pony. While some of what you read here will undoubtedly seem mundane, it’s important to realise that you’re engaging with what is quite possibly the most spectacular phenomenon in the known universe: that of human consciousness going about its everyday business.

So, that’s what this is all about: the very act of sculpting thought into material symbols, and transmitting it to other minds via that mechanism. The content is ever-changing and of limited utility, but the carrier that is written language is endlessly resilient, surprising and fascinating. The Pony believes that, if just one passing creature leaves this site inspired to pay a little more attention to the turning of their inner cogs next time they churn out a string of these little beauties, her mission will have been fulfilled.

Here’s a few other things you might want to know about your new Pony pal:

  • Her favourite food is vegan donuts.
  • She likes to sing along to Bjork at the top of her lungs while stuck in traffic, preferably with the windows open.
  • She has never ridden a horse, and doesn’t intend to.
  • She’s a Miranda with a side of Carrie, and Samantha comes out to play sometimes. Charlotte? Meh.
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  • You should give her vegan donuts (or black coffee).