Freed Ponies

I’m all about self-expression and letting your pony thoughts go out into the wild, like a Pokémon that you just don’t need in your team anymore. Here are some of my wild pony thoughts, on a variety of odd topics.

Release Your Pocket Monsters

This random thought comes straight from that first paragraph on this page. After using that simile, I was reminded of my old habits when playing those video games by Game Freak. I don’t play Pokémon anymore (the series went a bit downhill after the fourth generation) but when I did I was really into it.

One thing I didn’t enjoy about the series, however, was that you could put the monsters you weren’t currently using in a computer. This made me really uncomfortable, thinking about these living creatures just stored digitally, frozen in time and space.

Now, I know that you keep your regular pocket monsters in Pokéballs, which is kind of similar. I used to imagine that these storage devices had super comfortable furniture for the creatures, like a bedroom of sorts. When you are cramming hundreds of little creatures into a computer it’s hard to imagine that being the case, though.

Because of this, I would always release any pocket monsters I wasn’t using. That meant I could only have six in my game at a time, which made things quite challenging. Once I even caught a shiny Absol but didn’t want to use it in my team, so I had to release it. For the record, you have about a one in 10,000 chance of catching a shiny Pokémon!

I Miss Risk

I was originally going to write about how I like movies that take risks, which is why I really enjoyed The Last Jedi, but wasn’t too fond of The Force Awakens, but that made me think of the old board game, Risk. So I’m going to write about that instead.

A few years ago, I feel like everybody was playing Risk. You’d go to a games night and that would be the main event. These days I don’t see anybody playing it. That’s quite sad because it’s a really fun game. It’s not like I can play it by myself, as you need at least three people, but even more is better.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Risk is a military strategy board game where your goal is to conquer the world. You use dice to determine the winner of battles, attacking adjacent territories to claim them as your own. Games generally go for several hours, but you can just decide that whoever has the most territory after a certain amount of time wins.

I suppose that in a way, it’s a little like Monopoly. Usually, games end whenever one person begins to dominate and everybody else stops having fun. Admittedly, Monopoly is much more luck-based than Risk, which involves a decent amount of tactical wit and strategy.