Lost Building Motivation

I’m in such a rush! I have to get to the hardware store in fifteen minutes before it closes or I won’t be able to fix the wonky legs on my kitchen table. The legs have been annoying me for such a long time, but I kept putting off going to the hardware store. I’ve always been a serial procrastinator, but now that I’ve got a wave of motivation, I absolutely MUST get to the hardware store driving distance from Hampton in time!

I’m a six-minute drive from Hampton, which works in my favour. I’ll probably have to speed a bit to get there and park before the hardware store closes, but without a doubt, once I’m in there, they won’t close while I’m still shopping. That’s the beauty of being a customer… the customer is always right. I do feel a bit bad that I’m going to be delaying someone getting home, but I rarely have bursts of motivation, so I have to jump on this while I can. 

Actually, the feeling has passed. In the time that I got up off my chair and went to my bedroom to put my shoes on, I had already lost motivation. I’ve just sat down on my bed and I doubt I’ll get up any time soon. Things just feel a bit hopeless now, if I’m being honest. I don’t have the energy that I did the other day. Things just come and go so quickly. I don’t even have the energy to finish this blog post anymore. 

It’s kind of bizarre to think that ten minutes ago I was going to drive to Cheltenham, buy timber and come home and fix the legs of my table, and now I can’t get off my bed. Anyway, I can’t really be bothered with this blog post anymore. I think I might just go to bed and finish the rest off later. Hopefully, I feel better in the morning.

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Sitting in silence

Sometimes I really can’t believe my mother. She is elderly and needs a lot of care and help sometimes. She raised me for most of my life, so caring for her is the least I can do. The only issue is that she doesn’t want anyone to care for her. She would rather sit in silence and discomfort before asking anyone for help. I think a big part of it is because she doesn’t want to ask for help. Getting older must be hard. You’re once a very strong and independent person, only to revert to being a baby all over again. I went to visit her yesterday and I noticed she had four jumpers on while her house was freezing. I asked her why that was and she refused to give me a straight answer. I decided to take matters into my own hands and inspect her heating system. Just as I suspected,  it was clear her heater needs servicing. Canberra can get extremely chilly and rather than communicating to me that her heater had gone out, she decided to not speak up. I think she was a bit nervous as to how much the heater servicing would cost.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. I noticed one day she kept washing her clothes in the sink. It turned out to be that her washing machine had broken down the week before and she had chosen to just not say anything! Later that day I had sorted out a new washing machine for her, and today I will do the same for the heater. I have arranged ducted heater servicing. Canberra isn’t exactly a busy or bustling city so it was quite easy to get someone to pop by this afternoon and take a look at the heater. I really wish in future that she would simply tell me things rather than sitting in discomfort. She keeps telling me that she says nothing as she doesn’t want to stress me out or be an inconvenience. She doesn’t realise that not telling me actually causes more stress!

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Our new business

I’ve recently started up a new website that helps people buy better medical health insurance. The website works by people filling in information about themselves and answering some basic questions regarding their insurance needs. My website will crunch the data and then assign the user to a medical insurer that is right for them. It’s quite a nifty little website that I think would be of great help to a lot of people, now it’s only a matter of building trust. There are so many websites out there that compare insurance providers but how do customers decide which ones to trust? I conducted a little survey and found out that people were more likely to trust websites they’d seen on TV. This was particularly true for older people we surveyed as they would then type the website they’d seen in the ad. Hearing this made me start toying with the idea of talking to a video animation company. The reason why I’m thinking of going with an animation for the TV ad as opposed to something live-action is because I think people are less likely to zone out from animated ads. Plus, an animated ad allows more flexibility to add graphics and be more creative.

As far as what the ad will have? I have no idea. I’ve never been good with illustrations or imagery so I guess I will be going to the production company with quite a blank canvas. I hope that’s something they’ll be happy with. I’m not sure if an open brief is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess we shall see! Melbourne is quite a creative city so there are a whole heap of production companies. I’m looking at Melbourne’s best video production company to do the ad. I’m not too sure how much they will charge, but I have gone through a lot of effort to put money aside for this exact thing. It’s a positive investment because if the ad is great then that will lead to more conversions and people using the site.

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The Cursed Catch

In the year 2071, the world will be in a state of complete disaster, thanks to the great meteor that struck the Earth, causing sea levels to rise drastically. People will live in floating houses and travel everywhere by boat. Cars will be nowhere to be seen, as all the roads will have been submerged long ago. Traffic lights? Long forgotten. Chaos will reign supreme. These are the things I foresee, looking into my crystal ball of time. 

Ocean Melbourne will be a strange place, filled with people fighting over the best boat parts. Marine welders will be at the peak of society, their services more essential than ever. That’s right, if you’re the owner of a marine welding business near Melbourne, prepare yourself for a great future. Everyone will come to you for snapper racks and rod holders, not for their hobbies, but so that they can catch enough food to survive another day in the apocalypse.

In this future, there will be great, mythical boat pieces that shall be most coveted over all others, for they will be enchanted pieces. I foresee that a young man will be entrusted with one of these pieces; the most powerful, in fact. It shall bring out the worst in all people, but he will have the strength to resist its pull. This powerful boat piece shall be a boat catch. When it falls into the wrong hands, its owner shall ask “Where can I get boat catch installation?” For they will most desire it to be part of their boat, giving them the most powerful, magical vehicle that allows them to dominate all other boats. But this young man shall not be so tempted. He will instead go on a quest—a quest so great that it shall decide the fate of the entire world.

His name shall be Fraydo Bagman, and he shall carry a great weight on his shoulders until he finds a way to destroy the cursed boat catch. 

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Waiting for Painting

I never thought I’d be balancing a spoon on a calculator for fun, but here I am. All morning, I’ve been putting different things on the spoon to see if it will stay balanced. I think the most interesting one was when I skewered a potato on the handle of the spoon while placing coins on the other side. Amazingly, I got it to stay in place. I can’t believe it actually worked. You probably don’t believe me, and I don’t blame you at all. Now, why would I do something so dumb for fun? It’s because I’m getting some work done in my house. For weeks I’ve been searching for a commercial painter near Melbourne to help make my house look better, and I finally found one. Unfortunately, though, I’ve pretty much lost access to my house while the painting is done. So, I’ve been sitting in my kitchen trying to keep myself entertained with spoons and potatoes.

I think he is moving on to complete my driveway painting service soon, so at least I’ll be able to move around the house for a while. In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep doing whatever I can think of. I found my daughter’s old stuffed chicken, so maybe I’ll hang out with him for a while. I think his name was Henry. Alternatively, I guess I could just keep blogging. I am a bit behind on my scheduled blog posts. However, I’m typing this while standing up, and it isn’t super comfortable, so that’s not really my preference.

If only I could duck into the lounge room without being seen. I’d grab a book and probably read the whole thing this afternoon. But alas, I am stuck here, entertaining myself with stuffed toys and strange balancing acts. I’ll probably start going crazy soon, if I’m being honest. Maybe that just has something to do with all the paint fumes, though. Perhaps I should have just stayed at a hotel today.

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Repeatedly Broken Windows

Whenever my dad comes to stay with us, something goes wrong. For a seventy-year-old, he gets up to an incredible amount of mischief and loves bringing my children along for the ride. My kids love him, just like everyone does. He has an infectious energy about him that makes you want to go on any whacky adventure that he wants to go on. I’m beyond lucky to have him as my father, but I wish he would stop kicking the footy with my son and breaking windows!!
My dad and son have broken three windows in the last year. I don’t think they realise how expensive it is to get a sash window replacement every other month. I don’t have a bottomless pit of money. I sat my dad down to tell him that I can’t have them kicking the footy in the front yard anymore. I told him that it’s too dangerous and it’s costing me too much money. He agreed and said he understood, and then looked at me with these innocent puppy dog eyes and told me that my son just really wanted to play and he didn’t want to disappoint him. Of course, his look and explanation pulled at my heartstrings. I’d let my dad get away with murder.

I guess at this point I just have to hope that they don’t do any more damage. It’s clear that they’re going to do whatever they want and I’m going to let them do it. I just hope that I don’t need a complete door replacement or something like that any time soon. I don’t know how they’d manage to break the front door, but I also wouldn’t put it past them. My son has a mischievous streak just like my dad.

I love them both and I’m lucky to have them in my life, but I wish they could be a little less destructive.

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No More Lending

Catrina is always breaking my stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I’d still call her my dearest friend, but that doesn’t change the fact that she continually fails to take responsibility for this behaviour. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m never letting her use anything of mine ever again. This might temporarily make for a strained friendship scenario, but to do otherwise is bound to result in a BFF breakup eventually – especially after what happened yesterday.


What happened yesterday, you ask? Oh, let me tell you. It all started when Catrina borrowed my station wagon for the day… you can tell where this is going already, can’t you? It’s the way in which it happened, though, that is story-worthy. Gather ‘round.


See, I told Catrina very clearly to be careful with the back windows – namely, to not touch the buttons that roll them down. They have a tendency to get stuck in the ‘down’ position and leave my car interior exposed to the elements. I’ll get it fixed when I next go for my next log book service in Adelaide, maybe, but for the time being it’s not really a problem, so long as nobody touches the danged buttons.


Can you guess what Catrina goes and does the moment she gets in the car? She rolls down the back windows. I was still standing there next to the car, having just told her not to do that, opening and closing my mouth like a fish because I was so totally gobsmacked. Then she has the gall to start lecturing me on needing a brake repair. She hadn’t even started the car yet, let alone tried the brakes!


She definitely heard me say not to touch the windows, too. I know she did. She had the sheepish/innocent look on her face after she did it, which she always does when she knows she’s just done something she wasn’t supposed to. Of course, the windows still haven’t gone back up.


You’d think we were sisters, the way we argue. I guess that’s why I consider Catrina my bestie even though I want to kill her sometimes.

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Blocked Office Drains

I’ve just bought a new office space for my business. We’re expanding which is fantastic but I couldn’t afford both a large space and a space with high quality fixtures, fittings and plumbing.  So I opted for a large space so that I can fit all my new employees into the building. I do have the option to let them work remotely, but I’d prefer to make sure they are actually doing the work.

Upon my first inspection of the new building, it became clear that I probably shouldn’t have chosen against high quality plumbing. Because of this decision, I’ve had to pay for a drain repair. Around Melbourne, most offices have a standard of quality that must be adhered to, and unfortunately, my plumbing wasn’t up to scratch. It was a costly decision on my part.

I’ve done my due diligence and fixed all the plumbing issues in the building. My employees will have to deal with subpar fixtures and fittings until the next financial year, but at least the plumbing and drains are all good. I could only imagine their faces on the first day if they walked into the new office, only to be faced with the fact that the blocked drains need fixing. Northcote is an expensive part of Melbourne and so my employees expect to be looked after. I definitely want to look after them, I just wish that I hadn’t sacrificed the plumbing for a large space when I originally purchased the building. 

Now that all the changes have been made, I’m ready for my employees to return from remote work. It’ll be good to see them all again after so many months working from home. It gave me time to upgrade our office space, which I hope we get many years out of. Here’s to the future!

One last thing, if you’re like me and looking to buy a new building please learn from my mistakes and save yourself some money.

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Renovating Storm

Moving down to Melbourne was a good idea. I’m happy to admit that now that everything’s been moved into into the house and the stress has started to wear off – I’m actually starting to feel quite relaxed.

Be assured that I’m planning to milk that state for all it’s worth while it’s available, given that Jerome officially has his sights set on a designer kitchen renovationto be carried out over summer. That’s sure to be yet another cause for rising cortisol levels. If I can help it, though, it won’t be anything near as hectic as this move has been.

In light of that, I’m thinking I should probably start getting involved in throwing around renovation concepts now, before Jerome spearheads the mission by recruiting some random to do the job (as is his wont). What we need is a certified kitchen designer, not a well-meaning DIY enthusiast Jerome got chatting to at the bust stop.

I’m going to do my research and hunt down the very best company for kitchen renovations. Melbourne readers, do you have anyone to recommend? Basically, I want someone who’ll not only get the design right, including all the features we need (kitchen storage solutions are my main area of interest) but also install the new kitchen with precision. I definitely don’t want a repeat of that cabinetry situation a few years back.

It’s lucky that it’s just the kitchen that needs work. Overall, the interior design and construction of the house is pretty darned good, considering what we paid for it. Honestly, we could get away with leaving the kitchen as is – that’s if Jerome was willing to slightly lower his ‘home entertaining’ standards and accept slightly less style than he’s accustomed to.

Look, I’m actually happy that Jerome has such high standards. It means our house is consistently on point. I just wish he’d take a breather every now again with the whole home makeover thing.

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Surprise Parcel

I just got an unexpected parcel in the mail. I couldn’t tell who it was from, and I still don’t know. I kind of wish I’d thought to make an unboxing video before I opened it, because it was quite a surprise and I reckon my reaction would have been quite amusing.

So, what was inside? I’ll tell you. It’s a… well, I don’t know what to call it, actually. It’s a sort of soft, padded ottoman, but small – about the size of a four-slice toaster. It’s covered in brown velour, and has a pouch that looks like it’s meant for your feet to go in. There’s also a cable to plug it into a power point. I’m guessing it’s some kind of electric foot massager, possibly with a warming function, that you can wear on your feet while on the couch.

Who would have sent me such a thing, though? I did ask a few people about recommendations for podiatry services, Cheltenham being pretty new to me, but I ended up finding a clinic without too much hassle. It wasn’t like I was banging on and on about it, but maybe someone took my foot care enquiries as a cue to send me this weird piece of paraphernalia.

Why isn’t it in a box, though? At least, not the original box. It almost makes me think that someone’s regifted it. My sister, perhaps? I guess she could be playing a prank on me. But what if it was some well-meaning acquaintance, passing on their used foot massager? Nice gesture, but what if they have fungal nails, unbeknownst to them? What if they know they have toenail fungus, and they’ve sent me this out of spite?

What am I supposed to think here? Should I give this thing a spin, or promptly dispose of it? It would help if there was some clue on the packaging, any clue as to the sender’s identity, but there’s nothing to speak of.

Maybe I can just give it a little try, with socks on.

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