Waiting for Painting

I never thought I’d be balancing a spoon on a calculator for fun, but here I am. All morning, I’ve been putting different things on the spoon to see if it will stay balanced. I think the most interesting one was when I skewered a potato on the handle of the spoon while placing coins on the other side. Amazingly, I got it to stay in place. I can’t believe it actually worked. You probably don’t believe me, and I don’t blame you at all. Now, why would I do something so dumb for fun? It’s because I’m getting some work done in my house. For weeks I’ve been searching for a commercial painter near Melbourne to help make my house look better, and I finally found one. Unfortunately, though, I’ve pretty much lost access to my house while the painting is done. So, I’ve been sitting in my kitchen trying to keep myself entertained with spoons and potatoes.

I think he is moving on to complete my driveway painting service soon, so at least I’ll be able to move around the house for a while. In the meantime, I guess I’ll keep doing whatever I can think of. I found my daughter’s old stuffed chicken, so maybe I’ll hang out with him for a while. I think his name was Henry. Alternatively, I guess I could just keep blogging. I am a bit behind on my scheduled blog posts. However, I’m typing this while standing up, and it isn’t super comfortable, so that’s not really my preference.

If only I could duck into the lounge room without being seen. I’d grab a book and probably read the whole thing this afternoon. But alas, I am stuck here, entertaining myself with stuffed toys and strange balancing acts. I’ll probably start going crazy soon, if I’m being honest. Maybe that just has something to do with all the paint fumes, though. Perhaps I should have just stayed at a hotel today.

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