The Cursed Catch

In the year 2071, the world will be in a state of complete disaster, thanks to the great meteor that struck the Earth, causing sea levels to rise drastically. People will live in floating houses and travel everywhere by boat. Cars will be nowhere to be seen, as all the roads will have been submerged long ago. Traffic lights? Long forgotten. Chaos will reign supreme. These are the things I foresee, looking into my crystal ball of time. 

Ocean Melbourne will be a strange place, filled with people fighting over the best boat parts. Marine welders will be at the peak of society, their services more essential than ever. That’s right, if you’re the owner of a marine welding business near Melbourne, prepare yourself for a great future. Everyone will come to you for snapper racks and rod holders, not for their hobbies, but so that they can catch enough food to survive another day in the apocalypse.

In this future, there will be great, mythical boat pieces that shall be most coveted over all others, for they will be enchanted pieces. I foresee that a young man will be entrusted with one of these pieces; the most powerful, in fact. It shall bring out the worst in all people, but he will have the strength to resist its pull. This powerful boat piece shall be a boat catch. When it falls into the wrong hands, its owner shall ask “Where can I get boat catch installation?” For they will most desire it to be part of their boat, giving them the most powerful, magical vehicle that allows them to dominate all other boats. But this young man shall not be so tempted. He will instead go on a quest—a quest so great that it shall decide the fate of the entire world.

His name shall be Fraydo Bagman, and he shall carry a great weight on his shoulders until he finds a way to destroy the cursed boat catch. 

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