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Rats and Cats and Spiders, Oh My

Rats! Spiders! A cat! That last one isn’t so bad, but he keeps coming around and yowling at the door, and I suspect that my daughter keeps feeding it milk, hence why it seems to think it’s getting a feed.

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The Not-So-Secret Brotherhood of the Ocean

It is finally my time. I have been initiated into the secret brotherhood of the ocean, sworn protectors of the darkest secrets, those who build in the shadows, work-people of great renown. It’s actually a lot more casual than I

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What’s With Feet?

Humans are a weird species. Not only do we have ultra complicated feet, with loads of tiny bits and moving parts, but we’ve gone and come up with a whole array of oddly-shaped paraphernalia that exists solely (pun intended) to

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Entertaining A Toddler For Dummies

Today I woke to a long string of frazzled texts from my sister. Anticlimactically enough, it was just that her babysitter had fallen through and she needed to twist my arm to look after Charlie for the day. You’d think

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The Snip Snip Bandits

OH. MY. HAIRNETS. I’m continually in awe over how Week of Our Lives keeps us guessing, in so many ways that you can’t even guess. The guesswork is strong, especially from my fellow fans on the forum, but clearly our

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Build-a-Boat, Hooray…

Were I not being sponsored for this, I’d probably just be sitting on the sofa right now. And that’s great and all, motivating me beyond the normal ken of duty or whatever, but I wasn’t actually aware that a Road-Trip-Triathlon

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A Place For You to be You

They say some people have a ‘showbiz persona’. Well, technically everyone in showbiz has one, because it’s just the most efficient way to market yourself. Oh hey, it’s the funny guy with the funny voice! Oh hey, it’s the grumpy

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We Need More Cinematic Nihilism

Movies these days are all about positive messages. And that’s really nice and all, but what happened to the good old days of nihilism in cinema? I remember when you used to go along and watch a film, and it’d

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We Need Oxygen Therapy…for Health Reasons

I’m not sure people understand: we NEED all of this oxygen. It’s very important for our continued well-being. For as you see, every member of the esteemed Taylor-Fitzroy-Michaelis family is born with a fault, probably the only one we have.

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It’s all about the Ice skating lessons

I know this girl. She’s a rich girl, and she goes too far because she knows it doesn’t matter anyway. She can just rely on her old man’s money. Her old man’s money! Yeah, what a thing. Always breezing into

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