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Lost Building Motivation

I’m in such a rush! I have to get to the hardware store in fifteen minutes before it closes or I won’t be able to fix the wonky legs on my kitchen table. The legs have been annoying me for

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Sitting in silence

Sometimes I really can’t believe my mother. She is elderly and needs a lot of care and help sometimes. She raised me for most of my life, so caring for her is the least I can do. The only issue

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Our new business

I’ve recently started up a new website that helps people buy better medical health insurance. The website works by people filling in information about themselves and answering some basic questions regarding their insurance needs. My website will crunch the data

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The Cursed Catch

In the year 2071, the world will be in a state of complete disaster, thanks to the great meteor that struck the Earth, causing sea levels to rise drastically. People will live in floating houses and travel everywhere by boat.

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Waiting for Painting

I never thought I’d be balancing a spoon on a calculator for fun, but here I am. All morning, I’ve been putting different things on the spoon to see if it will stay balanced. I think the most interesting one

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Repeatedly Broken Windows

Whenever my dad comes to stay with us, something goes wrong. For a seventy-year-old, he gets up to an incredible amount of mischief and loves bringing my children along for the ride. My kids love him, just like everyone does.

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No More Lending

Catrina is always breaking my stuff. Don’t get me wrong – I’d still call her my dearest friend, but that doesn’t change the fact that she continually fails to take responsibility for this behaviour. I’ve come to the conclusion that

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Blocked Office Drains

I’ve just bought a new office space for my business. We’re expanding which is fantastic but I couldn’t afford both a large space and a space with high quality fixtures, fittings and plumbing.  So I opted for a large space

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Renovating Storm

Moving down to Melbourne was a good idea. I’m happy to admit that now that everything’s been moved into into the house and the stress has started to wear off – I’m actually starting to feel quite relaxed. Be assured

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Surprise Parcel

I just got an unexpected parcel in the mail. I couldn’t tell who it was from, and I still don’t know. I kind of wish I’d thought to make an unboxing video before I opened it, because it was quite

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