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Air Conditioning: The coolest cats on the planet

Air conditioners, and indeed all refrigeration units, work in basically the same way. They all make use of a type of physics known as thermodynamics, which, spelt out means, the way that heat moves. Thermodynamics is involved in many fields

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Without Trucks, Coffee and Scaffolding, Australia Stops

‘Without trucks, Australia stops’. Well, I guess. I’ve never looked into the statistic regarding how accurate that is, but I’m forced to conclude that it’s pretty much a thing. Imagine all those steel girders, gigantic logs, horses, bags of seed

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Dry Needling is Fine, But What If…

So I was reading this comic recently about a guy who gains super-powers by activating chakras in his body. He’s like…a martial artist, but he goes through a special ritual to get abilities beyond that of a mortal man. The

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Cosmetic Treatments, Yay or Nay?

No one said the life of an activist would be easy, but I am one of the blessed few to take up that burden. People in internet comment sections are wrong about 96% of the time; did you know that?

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Can’t Wait to Hammer Those Nails

Jumping from renting to buying is very slightly daunting. I don’t mind admitting that much! I’ve had such a lovely experience with my three rental houses, as well! In the first, I lived with my sister. We were both very

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I Am a Proto-Human, Probably

I know it sounds crazy, but…I really like sleeping in the heat. Maybe my body temperature is slightly lower than everyone else’s, who knows? I just know that right now, with the daily average below 20, I have trouble sleeping.

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Virtual Pest Control, and Family Woes

If I was going to get square eyes, then I’d already have them, because I spent way too much time looking at screens. But that’s the thing when you’re trying to raise a family full of Arts. That’s short for

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The incredible timber retaining walls

I have some great news to share. As I’ve said before, I’m back living at home with my parents after my wife decided she needed some time apart. The great news isn’t related to that, she still will not return

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Distracted by the beautiful garden

You have to believe me, I didn’t know what had happened until we left the house. I know you won’t believe me but it really is the truth. As soon as we left I asked Jimmy where you had all

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