Renovating Storm

Moving down to Melbourne was a good idea. I’m happy to admit that now that everything’s been moved into into the house and the stress has started to wear off – I’m actually starting to feel quite relaxed.

Be assured that I’m planning to milk that state for all it’s worth while it’s available, given that Jerome officially has his sights set on a designer kitchen renovationto be carried out over summer. That’s sure to be yet another cause for rising cortisol levels. If I can help it, though, it won’t be anything near as hectic as this move has been.

In light of that, I’m thinking I should probably start getting involved in throwing around renovation concepts now, before Jerome spearheads the mission by recruiting some random to do the job (as is his wont). What we need is a certified kitchen designer, not a well-meaning DIY enthusiast Jerome got chatting to at the bust stop.

I’m going to do my research and hunt down the very best company for kitchen renovations. Melbourne readers, do you have anyone to recommend? Basically, I want someone who’ll not only get the design right, including all the features we need (kitchen storage solutions are my main area of interest) but also install the new kitchen with precision. I definitely don’t want a repeat of that cabinetry situation a few years back.

It’s lucky that it’s just the kitchen that needs work. Overall, the interior design and construction of the house is pretty darned good, considering what we paid for it. Honestly, we could get away with leaving the kitchen as is – that’s if Jerome was willing to slightly lower his ‘home entertaining’ standards and accept slightly less style than he’s accustomed to.

Look, I’m actually happy that Jerome has such high standards. It means our house is consistently on point. I just wish he’d take a breather every now again with the whole home makeover thing.

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