Blocked Office Drains

I’ve just bought a new office space for my business. We’re expanding which is fantastic but I couldn’t afford both a large space and a space with high quality fixtures, fittings and plumbing.  So I opted for a large space so that I can fit all my new employees into the building. I do have the option to let them work remotely, but I’d prefer to make sure they are actually doing the work.

Upon my first inspection of the new building, it became clear that I probably shouldn’t have chosen against high quality plumbing. Because of this decision, I’ve had to pay for a drain repair. Around Melbourne, most offices have a standard of quality that must be adhered to, and unfortunately, my plumbing wasn’t up to scratch. It was a costly decision on my part.

I’ve done my due diligence and fixed all the plumbing issues in the building. My employees will have to deal with subpar fixtures and fittings until the next financial year, but at least the plumbing and drains are all good. I could only imagine their faces on the first day if they walked into the new office, only to be faced with the fact that the blocked drains need fixing. Northcote is an expensive part of Melbourne and so my employees expect to be looked after. I definitely want to look after them, I just wish that I hadn’t sacrificed the plumbing for a large space when I originally purchased the building. 

Now that all the changes have been made, I’m ready for my employees to return from remote work. It’ll be good to see them all again after so many months working from home. It gave me time to upgrade our office space, which I hope we get many years out of. Here’s to the future!

One last thing, if you’re like me and looking to buy a new building please learn from my mistakes and save yourself some money.

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