Surprise Parcel

I just got an unexpected parcel in the mail. I couldn’t tell who it was from, and I still don’t know. I kind of wish I’d thought to make an unboxing video before I opened it, because it was quite a surprise and I reckon my reaction would have been quite amusing.

So, what was inside? I’ll tell you. It’s a… well, I don’t know what to call it, actually. It’s a sort of soft, padded ottoman, but small – about the size of a four-slice toaster. It’s covered in brown velour, and has a pouch that looks like it’s meant for your feet to go in. There’s also a cable to plug it into a power point. I’m guessing it’s some kind of electric foot massager, possibly with a warming function, that you can wear on your feet while on the couch.

Who would have sent me such a thing, though? I did ask a few people about recommendations for podiatry services, Cheltenham being pretty new to me, but I ended up finding a clinic without too much hassle. It wasn’t like I was banging on and on about it, but maybe someone took my foot care enquiries as a cue to send me this weird piece of paraphernalia.

Why isn’t it in a box, though? At least, not the original box. It almost makes me think that someone’s regifted it. My sister, perhaps? I guess she could be playing a prank on me. But what if it was some well-meaning acquaintance, passing on their used foot massager? Nice gesture, but what if they have fungal nails, unbeknownst to them? What if they know they have toenail fungus, and they’ve sent me this out of spite?

What am I supposed to think here? Should I give this thing a spin, or promptly dispose of it? It would help if there was some clue on the packaging, any clue as to the sender’s identity, but there’s nothing to speak of.

Maybe I can just give it a little try, with socks on.

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