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I’ve recently started up a new website that helps people buy better medical health insurance. The website works by people filling in information about themselves and answering some basic questions regarding their insurance needs. My website will crunch the data and then assign the user to a medical insurer that is right for them. It’s quite a nifty little website that I think would be of great help to a lot of people, now it’s only a matter of building trust. There are so many websites out there that compare insurance providers but how do customers decide which ones to trust? I conducted a little survey and found out that people were more likely to trust websites they’d seen on TV. This was particularly true for older people we surveyed as they would then type the website they’d seen in the ad. Hearing this made me start toying with the idea of talking to a video animation company. The reason why I’m thinking of going with an animation for the TV ad as opposed to something live-action is because I think people are less likely to zone out from animated ads. Plus, an animated ad allows more flexibility to add graphics and be more creative.

As far as what the ad will have? I have no idea. I’ve never been good with illustrations or imagery so I guess I will be going to the production company with quite a blank canvas. I hope that’s something they’ll be happy with. I’m not sure if an open brief is a good thing or a bad thing. I guess we shall see! Melbourne is quite a creative city so there are a whole heap of production companies. I’m looking at Melbourne’s best video production company to do the ad. I’m not too sure how much they will charge, but I have gone through a lot of effort to put money aside for this exact thing. It’s a positive investment because if the ad is great then that will lead to more conversions and people using the site.

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