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Yes, We Got the Emails. All of Them.

It’s the weekend. FINALLY. There’s only so much of my co-workers I can take before I need a medically-mandated break. First the office gossip is making secret plots to try and take the bosses job, and EVERYONE besides him can

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A Place For You to be You

They say some people have a ‘showbiz persona’. Well, technically everyone in showbiz has one, because it’s just the most efficient way to market yourself. Oh hey, it’s the funny guy with the funny voice! Oh hey, it’s the grumpy

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Can’t Wait to Hammer Those Nails

Jumping from renting to buying is very slightly daunting. I don’t mind admitting that much! I’ve had such a lovely experience with my three rental houses, as well! In the first, I lived with my sister. We were both very

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