A Place For You to be You

They say some people have a ‘showbiz persona’. Well, technically everyone in showbiz has one, because it’s just the most efficient way to market yourself. Oh hey, it’s the funny guy with the funny voice! Oh hey, it’s the grumpy guy with the deep voice. Stuff like that. But then I think it goes a bit further than that; I think everyone has one, if they have a role the needs them to act a certain way.

Hey, I’m guilty. When I’m running the café I’m probably a bit different to home. I try to keep it genuine, but sometimes when you’ve had a bad day, it gets harder to smile when someone orders a weak-triple-strength soy mocha with cream on the top but no chocolate. Light. Hold the froth. More like hold me back.

That’s just the service industry. I get all kinds in here, and it’s nice to see them relax a bit. Lots of high-end properties around here, so this is sort of a hub for Melbourne’s buyers advocates, actors and the occasional politician. And I like that they get to be themselves a bit, even when they just come to drink coffee or read a book. Like, take a buyers advocate. High-end service professionals, but still. You need to have a professional face for that sort of job, while still keeping things genuine and friendly. It’s a knife-edge balance, and it can be pretty exhausting. I can tell you just from my job, if you’re not a naturally friendly person, you’re going to find it pretty hard day after day to keep a professional air, and no one wants to take home buying advice from someone who snaps and grumps all the time.

Of course, that’s just life. It’s rare that anyone is just allowed to be themselves. But I don’t know…something about coffee and a comfy chair lets people open up a bit. Which is great, because I wouldn’t usually use the service of Melbourne property advocates (bit too high end) but they give great snippets of advice in their down-time.

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