We Need More Cinematic Nihilism

Movies these days are all about positive messages. And that’s really nice and all, but what happened to the good old days of nihilism in cinema? I remember when you used to go along and watch a film, and it’d have a horribly sad ending but it really would make you think. People just don’t think enough nowadays.

The one exception I’ve seen recently was the new DuMesque film, ‘Knife Hopper 4920’. It was set way in the future, where mankind has almost run out of energy and even to do something as simple as boil and egg, you had to get on an exercise bike and pedal for half an hour or so. Everyone was very healthy, but they were also unhappy because they were being forced to exercise.

I feel like we’re heading in this direction today, with our callous attitude towards commercial energy monitoring solutions. It’s all fun and games until we run out of coal and we realise we should’ve been making more wind farms. The only fun and games after that will be the ones without power, like that one game where you roll a hoop down the road and keep it moving with a stick. Boring, I tell you. The world will be a boring place. And even though this film didn’t have a hunky-dory ending, it was still a cautionary tale on our energy monitoring habits. I guess you could say that we need MORE energy monitoring, lest we become complacent. Also, energy storage. In the movie, all the energy storage available was destroyed in a mass farm animal revolt in 3025, meaning that the human race had to rely on batteries. Batteries are terrible, in case you hadn’t noticed. They always run out when you need them most and you can’t tell from the outside if they’re already used up. Just…just the worst. This is why we must strive to improve our commercial energy storage, lest our society fall into chaos and strife. And that’s why film is truly an important medium for communicating the tough messages. Provided they’re not all about believing in yourself, and such tripe.


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