Build-a-Boat, Hooray…

Were I not being sponsored for this, I’d probably just be sitting on the sofa right now. And that’s great and all, motivating me beyond the normal ken of duty or whatever, but I wasn’t actually aware that a Road-Trip-Triathlon was THIS much work. That’s a road trip in three parts, by the way. I already had a bike lying around in the garage, so no problem there. But I’ve had to learn all this stuff about cars, just so I can fix up an old hunk of junk and make them my vehicle of choice. And then there’s the boat. I don’t even want to talk about the boat.

Actually, I will talk about the boat, because I’ve got two days to get it done. It’s just a small number, mostly for fishing. I’ve had to make some friends among Melbourne’s outboard motor repair companies, and not so THEY can fix it for me because that would be breaking the rules. Good news is that I can probably get a job fixing and servicing outboard motors after this, because I’m basically an expert. You may not have heard. I’m pro now.

Just getting a boat that was in bad enough repair for it to be used for the challenge was enough of a headache. The motor had to be non-functional, and the committee wasn’t too pleased that it still had all of its planks in-tact. I guess they really wanted a fixer-upper, kind of like the car and (by default) the bike. But I’ve been working really hard every day to get it competition ready, and I’ve pretty much HAD to because I have to give regular updates on my backer page. Just fitted the anchor winch, whatever that is! The motor is repaired, look at me motoring around! And they’re all sitting on the sofa, probably. NOT learning about outboard motor servicing. Well…if I survive this, I’ll at least have learned a few things.

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