Christmas Binge-Watching is Essential

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But the fire! It’s so delightful!

Delightful for burning our old television aerial, that is. It seems to have properly warmed up, and the weather might just stay that way, but the damage has been done. All those foolish hailstorms have done a number on the house, but worst of all, they’ve smashed the old aerial that we’ve had since the eighties. Sure…it’s not the BEST ever made, but it did the job. With all the Christmas specials coming up, this is crisis time for our family. One of our favourite pastimes is sitting by the fire…I mean, the air con, and watching trashy Christmas television.

So…need to get that sorted. The Christmas special of Week of Our Lives is fast approaching, and Darla will go nuts if she misses it and gets it spoiled by her friends. I need to find an antenna installater in Melbourne with good reviews, and they have to understand the joys of Christmas binge watching. You don’t understand: this is a family institution in danger of being ruined. Every Christmas for us is the same. Get up, open some presents, go to church, come back, open ALL the presents, have Christmas dinner/lunch, and then turn into passive potatoes for the rest of the day. There was that one year where we took a break from all th Christmas specials to play a game of scattergories, but…meh.

We’ve just never had this kind of antenna-killing weather before, especially around Christmas. Or if we have, old faithful has weathered the storm. Now we need a need a NEW antenna. Preferably one made in this millennium, weatherproof. Easy channel surfing. Surely Melbourne’s best antenna installation specialists are kept busy during this Christmas period. Still, we have time…right?? The Space Conflicts: Holiday Special II is coming up, and they’re promised that it’s going to be even better than the last one. Don’t know how that’s possible, but I HAVE to see it. Catching up online is not an option.



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