Real Grandmas of Melbourne: Anti Wrinkles

I have always had an interest in creating a documentary about people who undergo cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate themselves. It’s been done before numerous times and there is a classic angle to take when filming it, but I really want to get to know the people who opt for these procedures and understand their perceived benefits. Is it really about looking younger? or is it just about feeling younger? My mum actually has a few friends who have had anti wrinkle injections in Melbourne and as research I decided to crash one of her ladies lunches and try and get on to the topic. To be fair they did all look pretty good for ladies approaching sixty. I could barely see one wrinkle around the table and my face was certainly the most natural there. I didn’t even have to try very hard to get onto the topic of cosmetic procedures before Judith mentioned her latest penchant for chemical peels.

Apparently it is a strong variety of chemical peel and leaves your face feeling brand new! I’m not sure I’d like a brand new face but Judith did look resplendent. If I didn’t know how old she was I would have guessed she was in her early 50’s. When the conversation naturally turned to anti ageing treatments, my ears perked up, they were discussing how it has become so popular they can actually notice when people haven’t had it done now rather than when they have. It seems for this group of ladies, who are 60 going on 25, the change in their physical appearance has led to some kind of mental reset. They are all thriving, engaged women, many of whom say they are finally getting the most out of life. I asked them if they thought that cosmetic treatments was cheating. I was promptly shown a photo of young man that one of the ladies was dating, point taken. 

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