Cosmetic Treatments, Yay or Nay?

No one said the life of an activist would be easy, but I am one of the blessed few to take up that burden. People in internet comment sections are wrong about 96% of the time; did you know that? The ignorant masses, going about their day and demanding such things as FACTS, when feeling are of equal importance. That’s because they’re things we feel. It falls to tireless folks such as myself to gently jump into debates mid-way, immediately showing our aggression to establish dominance and then proceeding to shout them down with any means necessary until they realise how wrong they are.

Ugh…I’m such a good person.

Now for today’s debate: cats.

No, wait. Laser hair removal. Ballarat has more and more places popping up, and everyone seems to want to get their hair lasered off. I love it, personally. See, even though I believe traditional standards of beauty are totally wrong and mankind has been getting it wrong for centuries and everyone should just look however they like and no one can judge anyone else and telling people that they should change anything about themselves is tantamount to murder…laser hair removal is great. Because I want it! And if I want it, then it’s fine. You should be able to do whatever you want. Still, there are some IDIOTS online who think that modern beauty treatments should be taken off the market, because they promote unhealthy standards and don’t give people equality of opportunity to be beautiful. And even though my activist career has always made me totally sure of what I’m fighting for, this time I’m a bit stumped. Should eyebrow tattooing and laser hair removal and anti wrinkle treatments be available to all? Or do they make an uneven playing field, because not everyone can get them, and anything that’s different is BAD? I need to know pronto, because I have a free slot on Saturday and a need to know if I’m getting dermal fillers in Bendigo, or standing outside one with a picket sign. Decisions, decisions…


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