Dry Needling is Fine, But What If…

So I was reading this comic recently about a guy who gains super-powers by activating chakras in his body. He’s like…a martial artist, but he goes through a special ritual to get abilities beyond that of a mortal man. The ritual is like acupuncture, but…not. It’s a forbidden form of acupuncture invented by warrior monks, and he’s the only non-monk to ever use it because if used outside the monastery, it opens the heart to darkness.

And now there are posters and ads everywhere about dry needling courses in New Zealand, and I’m all like…it’s happening.

It’s not happening, of course, but when I hear about an alternate form of needling that isn’t acupuncture, with some serious health benefits, and it sounds exactly like my favourite comic ever, then I have to wonder. Sounds like someone has released this great secret into the world, and now everyone’s onto it. So weird. Still, people only say good things about dry needling, so I guess it’s not the coming of doomsday as it is in the comic. No super-powers, unfortunately, but it is supposed to help sporting injuries and strains to heal faster. Not a sporting person myself, but that sounds pretty good to me.

In the comic, you could give the treatment to yourself; it’s how the guy is able to work alone, except when he’s teaming up with other heroes, or there’s a massive crisis, or when he’s part of some street-level team. You can’t do that with dry needling, which is a good idea because that’s the way the monks did it to stop each other from going rogue and succumbing to the evil forces. So…the fact that all the dry needling courses I can see have people doing the needling FOR you is pretty good. You know, just in case people start getting super-powers. Just in case. I can hope, right?


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