Shocking Secrets from Within the Chamber

That is, the chemical symbol for oxygen, because this Week of Our Lives was all about oxygen therapy. Of course, it was both respectful to the oxygen therapy services in Melbourne and skillfully written, with a touch of the usual subtlety. It’s usually such a prime example of subtle storytelling, albeit with more than enough twists and turns to keep the forums ablaze every week.

So anyway, Viva was trying to establish her business selling herbal supplements to capybara owners, and she got a call from her long-dead Uncle who turned out to be alive, living in Aruba and actually a local celebrity with his majorly successful self-help book: 1001 Ways to Communicate with the Ocean and Other Large Bodies of Water.

Anyway, he heard about the oxygen therapy in Melbourne and sweeping the nation and came back in disguise to experience its services. For you see, Viva’s uncle had developed a severe case of Aruban Bronchitis, for which he had no time, and he thought hyperbaric chambers could help with his breathing issues. Of course, while all this was going on, Lance was feverishly researching the hyperbaric chamber creation process to confirm his theory that his father didn’t actually disappear at sea, but instead time-traveled into the future to save mankind from a great banana shortage. As it turned out, the word he was looking for was ‘hyperbolic’, so the hyperbaric chamber treatments in Melbourne were innocent. AND they helped Uncle Spartacus with his bronchitis, although the episode ended on a cliffhanger as he tried to explain to Viva why he faked his own death, but he was inside the oxygen chamber so she couldn’t hear him properly.

And that’s why, if you’re stepping inside a hyperbaric chamber, you should explain your life secrets to shocked family members beforehand. This show is SO educational, seriously.


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