I Must Become the Sport-Master

So far, the new year’s resolution is going…

Yep, that’s it. Definitely going. It is making progress in a linear fashion, and that’s all that needs to be said on the matter. But for real, becoming a multi-disciplinarian is hard. I’ve always thought I was pretty well-rounded in sports, so I thought…why not play them all? All the most famous athletes specialise, and good for them taking one thing and being good at it, but no one has ever been famous for being pretty good at every sport. It’s always one person being really good at one sport.

So that’s it. Sport 6 days a week, a different one every time. I think it’ starting to mess with my brain a little. I showed up to football practice and briefly wondered where the cricket nets were, as well as wondering why no one was using a bat. Wrong sport; that’s Tuesday night. Still, I don’t think I was really on form that evening either. All my techniques started to blur a bit, and I found myself stepping into kicks in the same way that I step into bat in cricket.

So that’s unhelpful enough, but no I have to replace the indoor cricket netting at my local club because I leapt into it trying to make a diving catch. Nope…that’s baseball. Anyway, I tore it out of the restraints on the ceiling, and it was mortifying. I just totally mixed them up for a moment. And it hurt, too. Both the act of shoving myself into the netting and it collapsing on top of me.

So now that I’ve bought the leisure centre some brand new indoor cricket nets,  It’s time to reevaluate. I’m not giving up on my dream to become the ultimate omni-sportsman. But I do need a way to stop them from leaking into each other and ruining my chances of success. Ideally.


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