Anchor Winches Are Actually Very Attractive

I always knew I’d fall for a guy with a boat.

People seem to think that cars are big business, and if you have a flash car then you’re ‘all that’. I guess it means you have a lot of money, which is fine. I mean, it’s okay, but what if you do something totally alternative and choose a boat? Now THAT’S setting yourself up for a life of adventure, with a guy who knows how to have a good time.

I never had anyone to talk to about boats when I was little. Most of the other kids just liked dinosaurs or dolls, and here’s me, trying to cobble together my own anchor winch. Melbourne is a bit more friendly to sea-faring now, I guess. And you’d think people would want to know the way to get some quality, well-rated outboard motor servicing when so much of Australia is based on the coast. We all go on about how our country’s beaches are great, people flock to them in the summer, but they don’t go that extra mile and sail around their beautiful bays. It’s really not as expensive as people make it out to be, and definitely not as elitist. Boating folks are friendly folks. Anyone can see that.

And now this guy just shows up at uni on the first day and he’s got his own boat, and he knows all the lingo. Haven’t plucked up the courage to talk to him yet, but I overheard him saying that he ditched his plans to get a car and went with the boat instead.

What a guy. And we have class in the same building, so at some point I’ll have to confess that I, too, am one of the boating folk. I know where to find the best outboard motor servicing in Melbourne, or even where the best bays are to have a quiet Saturday cruise. At least I know I have a friend. We boating folk are just friendly by nature.


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