Trivia cost us big time

It’s safe to say that the majority of us regulars at Trivia night on Wednesday have come home with food for thought. If you’d told me I’d be leaving the pub that night with a far better understanding about everything from LED lights to commercial solar energy, I’d ashamedly admit I might have pulled a sickie. But I’m glad I didn’t.

We’re used to turning up to an evening of relatively non-mind-blowing questions, but the last Trivia session was something else. The hotel manager was new, and apparently had big visions for our local. This guy is from another planet basically, he keeps about seven jobs so he can fund his charity, an organisation in the Philippines, that rescues families in need. Pretty much everything he does, on some level is about making the world a better place. After five minutes of chatting to him- and there are people basically lining up for a few minutes with him, you can’t help but feel a little more optimistic that there are people like him in the world. Apparently managing our bar is his ‘time out’. Everything he does, has a few levels of meaning attached to it. Which is why he chose to use trivia night as an opportunity to school us on clean energy.

Anyway, after some seriously mind-blowing facts were delivered to our tiny mental thresholds, (did you know it would take less that 0.3% of the earth’s surface, covered in solar panels to meet the planet’s energy needs completely?) most of us were able to see for ourselves that there is no way around finding a better alternative to what we’re doing. We’ve decided to look into solar and we’ll definitely be having commercial LED lights installed. We’ll also be looking into the viability of commercial energy storage using those solar batteries.  And we’ll probably never miss trivia again either, as long as this guy is running the show.

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